Updated: Jan 24, 2019

In network marketing, everyone says SHARE YOUR STORY. There is someone out there that needs to hear it.

I heard those of you who told me I should share my story with people. I didn’t believe that it helps until the other day.

I’ve been using SOCIAL MEDIA and this blog to SHARE MY STORY. I’ve gotten leads and it has touched many people. I’m a JUST GET IT DONE person. I’m not the most patient person and using the principles of ATTRACTION MARKETING you need to be patient and persistent.

I have been working with a couple of different mentors| coaches to help me get past some of my fears and reservations on building this business using the internet and how to speak to potential leads and prospects.We did a role play activity. This was a good exercise. Not only hearing about how to do things but actually practicing doing it with another person is beneficial. While doing the exercise we spoke about the benefits of this supplement that I use and sell.

I started buying and using this amazing molecule to help my parents. I was looking for something that would help with blood circulation. At the time I was just taking it because the best deal was to buy 3 boxes at a time. I didn’t think it was helping me too much as I was in decent shape. Over the course of a couple years my blood pressure became normal. While it was helping my parents too, my dad wanted to cut back on all the things he was taking. So I stopped buying it.

Fast forward a couple years. I was rushed to the ER twice in 2017 with very high blood pressure. I was back on medication and it wasn’t going down. I was given more medication with higher dosages. While cleaning an area out, I found a couple boxes that I didn’t take. It was out of date. I called my sponsor and asked if It would be safe to use. He told me that it wouldn’t be as powerful but it should be safe. If I felt ok taking it then it was up to me.I took it. I immediately started to feel the effects of taking this. My ENERGY level was up and I felt a little calmer. After a couple of weeks, I went for my check up. My blood pressure was lower than it had been in over a year. It was low enough to lower my dosage. At the next check up, it was lower again. I was down to 1 pill. Then the dosage of the pill was lowered.

Now I take this amazing supplement every day. My blood pressure is manageable and in the ”normal” range. That’s why I’m passionate about sharing this supplement and the opportunity it represents. EVERY PERSON that I know or meet CAN USE THIS PRODUCT TO BETTER THEMSELVES.

You need to contact me to find out how this ENERGY BOOSTING can help you EVERYDAY.

After sharing this we ended our conversation. A couple of days later I received an email from my coach. He shared about his situation and wanted to know more about this supplement that changed my life.Although I wasn’t sharing my story to get people interested in what I was taking or doing, just practicing speaking with another person. It struck a cord with him. He asked for more information.This is why they say to SHARE YOUR STORY there is someone who needs to hear it. I totally agree. Keep sharing and be persistent and be there for those who need to hear It. You’ll never know when or who needs to hear it.

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