Pseudo “Smoked” Beef Brisket

I wanted to smoke a brisket.  I spoke to a local rancher and he had 2 briskets in the freezer.  He told me that it was small and not very fatty.  After looking at it, I decided not to smoke it.  I looked on the web and looked at different recipes for sous vide brisket.  I customized a recipe and came up with this.  After the water bath I smoked it.  The flavor was good, texture was nice, but it did not fare well with the pull test (tender to the bite).  The jus from the bag had a great flavor.  I thickened it and turned it in to a gravy for the lean meat.

I kept the other one frozen and will try to make pastrami out of it.    

E'ai ka kou!!! (Let’s eat)


  • Brisket, beef (the one I used was about 6 lbs)

  • 2 kg Water

  • 2 kg Apple Juice

  • 120 g Hawaiian Salt

  • 80 g Brown Sugar

  • 40 g Liquid Smoke, I used mesquite flavor

  • 60 g Molasses

  • 40 g Shoyu, soy sauce

  • You can use any rub you want, I used our all purpose seasoning


  • Trim the brisket.  Do not take all the fat off, I trim off the hard fat (the fat that will not render down to a tasty bite).

  • Cut the brisket in half.  If you have a container large enough to brine and cook the brisket, you don’t have to cut in half.

  • Make the brine.  Combine the water, apple juice, salt, and brown sugar.  Mix well, make sure the ingredients are combined well.

  • Inject the brisket with the brine.  Brine the brisket for 24 to 36 hours.

  • Take out and let dry.  

  • Make the glaze; molasses and shoyu.

  • Glaze the brisket, save the rest of the glaze until later.

  • Vacuum seal the brisket.

  • Water bath the brisket for 20 hours at 157 degrees.

  • Take out of the water bath.  

  • Let rest for 20 minutes.Take out of the package, let it dry.  Save the jus to make a gravy.

  • Glaze the meat one more time and add the rub.

  • Smoke at 250 degrees for 3 to 5 hours.I smoked the flat part for 2 hours then wrapped in butcher paper.  I did not wrap the fatty end.Slice at the last possible minute and eat.

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