Miso Pickled Keiki Cucumbers

This quick pickle is different than western styles of pickles.  It relies on miso and a touch of rice vinegar (unseasoned) for it's flavoring.  Most recipes call for white miso, I like using red miso for the flavor.  This method doesn't go well with canning for long term storage.  I strongly suggest that it is held under refrigeration.  While you can store the final product up to 30 days, I like to eat it in 5 days or less.  While it sits in the miso mash, the flavors change daily.  You can wash off the miso or scrape most of it off.  I have read that you can reuse the miso mash a couple of times before disposing of it, but I only use it once.  The flavor of the used miso mash is not as bright as a fresh batch.  The cost of the miso is high, I have used the mash as a base for dressing for salads or in soups.  

E'ai ka kou (let's eat)!!!


  • 6 lbs- Keiki Cucumbers (small cucumbers).  Small cucumbers, you can use the cucumbers of your choice- doesn't have to be pickling cucumbers.  Keiki Cucumbers is a brand sold in Hawaii from a local farm.

  • 100 grams- red miso

  • 230 grams- rice vinegar (unseasoned)

  • 230 grams- sugar

  • Hawaiian Salt to taste


  • Slice the cucumbers, about a quarter inch thick.  Do not slice too thin.Salt the cucumbers.  Taste the cucumbers, if it can use more salt then add some.  Make sure you toss the cucumbers in the salt well.

  • Place the salted cucumbers in the vegetable press.  Keep turning teh press after some time.  Keep in the press for at least 4 hours up to 12.

  • To make the miso mash combine the miso, vinegar and sugar.  Mix well.  Keep refrigerated until you need it.  When you are finished pressing the cucumbers, rinse and dry them well.

  • Toss the rinsed and dried cucumbers with the miso mash.  Incorporate well.  I add enough to coat all of the cucumbers and then a little more.

  • Store them in mason jars or zip lock bags.  Let them sit for at least 24 hours before eating.

  • The extra miso mash, I store in the refrigerator and use them for other batches (you can use this on other semi hard vegetables) or use it as a base for salad dressings.  Marinating chicken in this miso mash for 12 hours turns grilled chicken into something special.

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