Foods That Can Drain Your Energy

From the time we wake up until we go to bed, our energy levels change.  It may be high or low; depending on the time, what we ate, what we are doing and how much stress we are managing at the time.  When energy levels are low, we tend to have a snack or a meal to refuel our bodies.

Sometimes the foodstuff we decide to consume do the opposite of what we want or disrupts the refueling process.

We all enjoy foods that will lower our energy levels.  Some of these food items we know it's not good for us but we continue to consume them.  While its not good for us, I'm not saying don't consume these items, just do so in moderation.  

As a Chef, the things listed below are some of the things I enjoyed making and eating.  There were times that I was too busy to eat anything.  I had to rely on sugar and caffeine to keep my energy levels up.  This helped to create a downward spiral of my health.  This is why I'm trying to recreate my health today.  It's a mission of mine to help as many people as I can.

Fried Foods & Foods High in Sugar.  Most times these types of foods are low in nutrients, fiber and a high amount of fat.  This type of foods diverts your energy to digestion.  Plus eating foods that have a high fat content can make you feel "Thanksgiving" full.  In this state you tend not to want to do anything.  On the other hand, nutrient rich foods help to boost and maintain your energy levels.

Low Calorie Foods.  There are diets out there that tell you to watch how much calories you consume.  This is true.  But if you don't consume enough calories during the day, your body and mind will not function properly.  This could lead you to feeling drained.  When you snack you could go overboard.  Eating too much or craving and enjoying foods high in fat.

Caffeine & Drinks High In Sugar.  When consumed in moderation, these drinks can improve your energy level and may even have healthy benefits to consuming them.

There are many people who start their day off with a cup of coffee.  They cannot start or continue their day without it.  Caffeine can create a boost in energy and brain functions.  This is the effect that most people want.  As with anything, your body can develop a tolerance to it.  Making you want to consume more and more.  This could reduce the healthy benefits it had when you consumed in moderation.

If you rely on caffeine to boost or maintain your levels of energy instead of sleep or proper eating, this will significantly lower your energy levels in the long haul.  Plus sugar and caffeine will affect the quality of sleep further lowering your energy levels.

Energy Drinks.  Commercial products out there will definitely increase your energy level for a short period of time.

There may be healthy ingredients in your energy drink.  There are studies out there that suggest most of the increased energy comes from caffeine and/or sugar.  

Depends on the drink you consume, you could be consuming more than the suggested amount of caffeine.  This can cause anxiety, heart palpitations and jitteriness.  A cook of mine who would drink an excessive amount of an energy drink and diet soda would seem to be on edge every night.  His hands wouldn't stop shaking.  We were all worried about him.

The down fall of consuming these energy drinks is the crash after the boost of energy.  The low energy you feel after it wears off.  You want to drink another drink just to get back to normal.

I fell into this trap of lowering my energy level while trying to increase my energy levels.  I kept consuming more and more caffeine to make it through my day and eating foods that I was craving.  Anytime my body was at rest, I would fall asleep not waking up renewed or full of energy just tired.  I was just trying to make it through my day.

It was a series of events that made me open my eyes to see what my lifestyle was doing to my body.  The negative effects of having low energy.  Missing out life events I shouldn't have been missing out on because I didn't feel good or was too tired.  I was asked how my energy level was. Being proud I said it was good.  I didn't need anything.  

When I decided to try this energy booster, it had an affect on my everyday life.  All I had to do was add it to water and drink.  The best way I can describe how it makes me feel is more alive and awake.  There's no crash when it wears off.  I can definitely feel the difference when I don't take it.  I made it part of my daily routine.

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