Fermented Dried Chili

This past summer at the American Culinary Federation's national convention, I took a class by Kristen Shockey called Fiery Ferments.  It took me a while but I tried one of the examples she spoke about.  The technique used to make this, was something I never had done so I wanted to give it a try.


  • 8 ounce mason jar with band and lid

  • 2 ounces dried chipotles

  • 470 grams water

  • 9.5 grams of hawaiian salt or kosher salt


  • Make brine.  Combine water and salt.  I warm the mixture on the stove to insure the salt dissolves completely.  Then cool to room temperature.

  • Add chilies into the the jar.  Tightly pack the jar.Add the brine to the jar, fill until 1/2 inch from the top.

  • Cover the jar tightly.Check the jar daily.  Pressure will build in the jar.  Over the sink burp the jar.  Quickly open the jar and reclose.Let sit out for 2 to 3 week.Puree the contents of the jar.  

  • Use the paste to season salsas, soups and stews.

  • You can substitute the chipotles for any other dried chilies.  You can add garlic to the ferment.

  • E'ai ka kou!!!

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