Fakin’ Bacon

This isn’t truly bacon.  I made this to be a fast substitute for home made bacon.  I don’t have the time or space (in the refrigerator) to fully brine a traditional pork belly to make bacon.  The smoking is time consuming as well and I need to schedule the time in between working and my keiki’s activities.  

You can leave out liquid smoke.  You can call it green bacon or roast it to make a great roasted pork belly.  E'ai ka kou!!!


  • Salt  

  • Sugar  

  • 1 lb sections of pork belly- skin on (if you only can get skinless that works)  

  • Liquid Smoke


  • Make the seasoning.  Use a 5 to 3 part ratio of Salt to sugar.

  • Put the pork belly in the bag.  

  • Add 25 grams of the mixture to the bag

  • With 2 shots of liquid smoke (your choice on the flavor).  

  • Set your immersion circulator to 72 degrees.  

  • Cook for 12 hours.  Cool down.  

  • Slice into thick cut bacon and fry.  It will not crisp up as much as commercial bacon.  You can sear the skin side (if your belly came with skin on leave it on) to a nice  brown color and put into a 350 degree oven.  Bake until it is warm all the way through.  Slice and serve.

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